TIME : 45 mns

PUBLICS : Pupils & students

LANGUAGE : Available in french & english


+ Possible concert (time : 1h / options

1, 2, 3 sets)






Master class


The quartet regularly organizes

Master's degree-class within the establishments/universities from the whole world. 

To define a program together, please contact us.



For 45 minutes, pupils take a musical plane bound for 5 continents of the planet.

A game of discovery of cultures in the world where all the musical styles are approached. 

"Ellipsos World", will make sensitive pupils in the classical and traditional music in a playful way

and will reveal the music of tomorrow ! 


This show is an interactive presentation of the saxophone, an invitation to travel worldwide since the class.

Profoundly invested in the transmission of their knowledge, of their passion for the music, the Quartet Ellipsos proposes an original show

with the possibility of a concert at the end of the day.

At first the meeting turns on the presentation of the saxophone, its origins, its directory, the personalities who marked it history.

All this part is punctuated with numerous musical examples: the Panther Rose, In the mood, the Inhabitant of Marseille(Marseillaise), Maurice Ravel's bolero, the Waltz of Chostakovitch, the Old Castle of the Paintings of an Exhibition of Moussorgski, Grieg etc. 


Pupils board then for a musical journey around the world. 

All the continents will be represented !

Gratitude by the sons of the soil or of the region of the world where from results the listened to extract.

The pupils see their trip taking shape on a big planisphere :

Ireland, Rumanian, Hungary, Germany, Kenya, Mali, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Russia, China, etc.

This show develops at the child's their curiosity, knowledge in music, at the instrumental level and in geography

by appealing to their hearing and their personal knowledge.

The professors gladly enter into the spirit of the game by trying too to find the origin of the settled extracts.


 To close this day, Ellipsos occurs during a friendly concert where parents and children discover the musical universe rich in color of this group

fascinated by their art and the pedagogy.



"Extremely positive returns of everyone : children, adults, teachers.

We get from you the desire to share the music, the passion; we feel your intention to communicate, to teach the children;

Of rarely seen for number of colleagues in the real-life in particular musical interventions.

We took height eyes and height ears ! "


Teacher - Director of School "Lucie Aubrac", St Lumine de Clisson (44190)



 Pour la France et le monde : 

Adresse postale pour correspondre avec le Quatuor Ellipsos :

Quatuor Ellipsos 

24, rue de la Saunerie



Par mail :

adresse de production : posellis@gmail.com

adresse pour contacter le Quatuor : ellipsos@hotmail.fr


Par Téléphone : +33 (6) 08 64 32 56


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