Alto saxophone



After musical studies in the breasts of the Academies of Lyon and Cergy Pontoise, Julien Bréchet completed his training in the Music High School of Geneva where he obtained in 2006 soloist's Diploma, a Teaching qualification and a special Price(Prize) (Raymond Weil), rewarding the most deserving student Classes of wind instruments. 


Musician curious and eager for new knowledge,

He formed in jazz to the Academy of

Bourgoin-Jaillieu in the classes of L. Richard,

E. Téruel and mister . Vallognes. 

Holder of numerous International Prizes, his eclecticism brought him to establish in 2005 the Duet Khiros with the pianist Laure Grundmann,

with whom it occurred in various festivals

(Fermo and Imola in Italy in 2005,

Musical Nights of Body in 2007 and 2013,

Souffl' in Deux Sèvres in 2015).

He joins MadSax Quartet in 2006 and 

Quartet Ellipsos in 2010. 


His passion of the martial arts, and its work on the posture of the saxophonist brings him to the practice of the T'ai chi Chuan, which it applies in its education of the saxophone to the CRC of society Foy Les Lyon, and every summer during the Academy Ellipsos. 


Julien Bréchet plays an alto saxophone Yanagisawa AWO37GP, a mouthpiece S80 C* and reeds D'Addario Reserve 3+


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Baritone saxophone



Nicolas HERROUËT (been born in 1984 in Colombia),

begins the music to St-Sébastien/Loire then to the National Academy of Region of Nantes where he obtains his Diploma of Musical Studies in 2003.

He enters then cycle of improvement in the C.N.R. of Angers (1st Price of Improvement, on 2004) then in the C.N.R. of Versailles in the class of

Vincent David in 2005.


He is also a holder of several international starting prices, in particular in the European Competition of the Young Saxophonists de Gap (2001)

and in the competition of the UFAM as soloist

and in duet (in 2004 and in 2005).

His musical activity is eclectic: he studies the piano, the analysis, and the writing in the C.N.R. of Nantes (class of J.B.ROBIN). He begins besides arranger's career with already to his/her credit hundred rooms, created mainly by the Quartet Ellipsos and the Junior Academy Ellipsos, extracted as well from the classic directory (Bach, Mendelssohn, Prokofiev etc) of which a command of the Quartet of Saxophones Habanera, that musics of the world (Kenya, Argentina, Romania etc. …) or still of the jazz.


He is now teacher of Saxophone (PEA) to the Academy of Nantes and occurs regularly within the National orchestra of Pays de la Loire, the Set Utopik or in the Magazine of cabaret "La Cloche".

With more than 500 concerts to his/her credit,

it is the baritoniste, an arranger and

a co-founder of the Quartet Ellipsos. 


Nicolas Herrouët plays a baritone saxophone  Yanagisawa BWO30BSB, a mouthpiece S80 E and reeds D'Addario Reserve 2,5


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Sylvain JARRY


Ténor saxophone



 At the age of 8, Sylvain Jarry begins saxophone with Guy Demarle who transmits him his passion of the music. He pursues his learning in the CRR of Cergy (class of Jean-Yves Fourmeau), where he obtains his DEM before enriching his training with  Vincent David and Jean-Denis Michat

in Versailles and Lyon.  


Musician in the insatiable curiosity, he quickly learns about the jazz and about

several instruments.

He participates in several workshops and big bands at the same time as the learning cello.

He likes occurring on stages of current musics

in the guitar, bass, drum, keyboards, singing,

clarinet or in trombone !


Fascinated by orchestra, he integrates the Music of the Crews of the Fleet of Brest before creating the French Harmony orchestra in 2010 then obtaining the DEM of Direction(Management) of Orchestra(Band) in the CRD of Evry in 2012.


Sylvain Jarry is a member founder of

Madsax Quintet and the French Harmony orchestra and professor of saxophone to the Saint valuable music school.


Sylvain Jarry plays a tenor saxophone Yanagisawa TWO37GP, a mouthpiece S80 C** and reeds D'Addario Reserve 3


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Paul-Fathi LACOMBE


Soprano saxophone



Native from gâtino-ethiopia, born in 1985, it is at the age of 11 years old, to the Music school of Parthenay, that Paul-Fathi Lacombe meets the saxophone with for first professor, Guy Banchereau.


In only 15 years, he gives a concert in soloist, accompanied by the Orchestra

of the Republican guard.

He obtains then his Diploma of Musical Studies

at the age of 17 years to the Academy of Poitiers.

The same year, further to a meeting with

Michel PORTAL and Louis SCLAVIS, he establishes the quartet of jazz TETRAHEAD, with whom he will give several concerts in jazz clubs in France and in Spain. 

In 2004, he joins the class of Philippe Braquart

to the Academy of Montpellier and sees awarding the 1st Prize unanimously with congratulations of the jury to the Academy of Versailles

(class of Vincent David).

In 2006, he is admitted in the Academy of Paris,

in the class of chamber music managed by

Eric The Wise person and Paul Meyer

where he obtains his DSEM.

From then on, Paul-Fathi takes away several international competitions (1st Price of the European Competition of the Young Soloists de Gap,

1st Price of Honor in the Competition of the UFAM (2005), Price of Honor unanimously of the 3rd International Competition of Nantes (2006), etc.).


At the same time, he is Professor of Saxophone (PEA), holder of the Diploma of State and member of jury of Academies as Brilliance Regional, he teaches the saxophone and the music group

in the academies of Paris region.

He attempts to transmit his passion with the young people and aimed at the most disadvantaged he is committed beside UNICEF for several years.


Paul-Fathi Lacombe plays a soprano saxophone Yanagisawa SWO37GP, a mouthpiece S80 C* and reeds D'Addario Reserve 3+



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