For this anniversary season, Quatuor Ellipsos and #SaxophoneFamily will be very near to you : 

 chamber music must be accessible to all ! 


This formula, which suits us so well, 'll have even more flavors this season with a complete program and strongs and emotional events :  


• Tour in Colombia (Nicolas's native country) in June 2023 with the Cali Philharmonic Orchestra 


• 14th edition of Festival du Souffle - Académie Ellipsos à Celles-sur-Belle (79)


• Release of FUSION, new album on NoMadMusic on Marc 3, 2023  


  • Premiere of Philip Glass' Concerto with Orchestre National de Metz conducted by David Reiland


• Publication by Gérard Billaudot of new educational scores. 



• Masters-class en France, Suisse, Belgique



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Quatuor Ellipsos 



>> Launch on 23 february 2018 <<

New album : United Colors





To celebrate 15 years of career, the Quatuor Ellipsos wished to pay tribute in the harmony orchestras which gather so many amateur musicians all around the world.


Brilliant brass instruments, swing of the jazz, the South African rhythms and the sounds come from Asia, without forgetting a point(headland) of tango and fiddle Irish …


"United Colors", it is the melting pot of the sax culture.

A 5th album placed under the sign of the pleasure of the game and sharing, involving new creations for quartet of saxophones and partitions with harmony orchestra, in the side of Nantes Philharmonie.

Order the 5th Album of the Ellipsos Quar
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The Ellipsos Quartet offers here a meeting between the saxophone, which is reminiscent of the timbre of the organ, and the vocal quartet thus illustrating the art of fugue par excellence, through the repertoire of sacred music, gospel music or works for organ that characterize so well Churches Music.
Recognized for their quality arrangements, innovative and unique, the Ellipsos have fun playing music Yesterday and Today.



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In this third opus, BOLERO, somewhere between the piano and the orchestra, this real " symphonic quartet " revisit pieces of the big French directory with boldness and sincerity.

By putting the theme of the dance at the heart of this recording,

these four saxophonists also appropriate

original works of Thierry ESCAICH, Gabriel PIERNÉ or still Jean FRANÇAIX with an interpretation(performance)

of any sharpness(delicacy) and virtuosity.

Their incredible and eclectic tones present the instrument invented by Adolphe SAX like a "chameleon" where,

in particular in the Bolero,

He can easily become confused with a small clarinet,

Be transformed into a cor anglais, embody a perched high bassoon

Or still metamorphose into the whole symphony orchestra!


Introduced by Thierry Escaich




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Recorded in 2009, Peer Gynt invites the listener to rediscover known composers as Grieg, difficult at first sight for some as Prokovieff or Bela Bartok and others were forgotten as

Glazounov or Vittorio MONTI (resumed nevertheless in one of Lady GAGA's most famous songs!), in a rich musical universe, printed by colors from the east of Europe.

An european recital, in the positive and moving energies

for all the public !




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Medina is the first album of the Quatuor Ellipsos.

It was recorded on May 12th, 13th and 14th, 2007,

to the Academy of Paris, in the Cité de la Musique.

This album dedicated to the musics of the world will make you vibrate in the Hispanic rhythms of saxophones and accordion.


With Philippe GEISS (Sax sopranino), Florian TATARD (accordion), and the musicians of the Gamelan of the Cité de la Musique.




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>> Sortie le 23 février 2018 <<

Nouvel album : United Colors





Pour célébrer ses 15 ans de carrière, le Quatuor Ellipsos a souhaité  rendre hommage aux orchestres d’harmonie qui réunissent tant de  musiciens amateurs partout dans le monde.


Cuivres éclatants, swing du jazz, rythmes sud-africains et  sons venus d’Asie, sans oublier une pointe de tango et de fiddle irlandais…

« United Colors », c’est le melting pot de la sax culture.


Un 5e album placé sous le signe du  plaisir du jeu et du partage, mêlant nouvelles créations pour quatuor  de saxophones et pièces avec orchestre d’harmonie, au côté de Nantes Philharmonie.     

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