From July 15th to 22nd 2024 : Celles-sur-Belle (79) honors us by welcoming the 15th Festival Du Souffle and the Ellipsos International Saxophone Academy within it's magnificent abbey !


From 2015, the Festival is "Terre de Festivals" label from General council of Deux-Sèvres (79)


With renowned teachers :


Saxophone teacher


After musical studies in music conservatory of Lyon and Clergy Pontoise, Julien Bréchet completed his training to the High Music School of Geneva. In 2006 he obtained Soloist's degree, a teaching qualification and a special Price Raymond Weil rewarding the most deserving student of the wind instruments classes.


Saxophone teacher


Nicolas Herrouët (born in 1984 in Colombia), begins music to Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire then to the National Academy of Nantes where he obtains his degree of musical studies in 2003. Then, he enters in cycle of improvement in CNR of Angers where he obtains the first price. In 2005, he studies in CNR of Versailles in the class of Vincent David.

Sylvain JARRY

Saxophone teacher


At 8 years old, Sylvain Jarry begins saxophone with Guy Demarle who transmit his musical passion. He continues his learning in CRR of Cergy (class of Jean-Yves Fourmeau) where he obtains his DEM before enriching his training at Vincent David and Jean-Denis Michat in Versailles and Lyon.

Paul-Fathi LACOMBE

Saxophone teacher


It's at 11 years old in the Musical School of Parthenay, that Paul-Fathi Lacombe (been born in 1985 in Djibouti) meets the saxophone with Guy Bancherau (his first professor). In only 15 years, he gives a soloist concert accompanied by the Orchestra of the Republican guard. At the age of 17 years old, he obtains his Degree of Musical Studies at the Academy of Poitiers.




Who does not know the voice of Jaja ? We do not speak either about his generosity, or about his boundless energy, or still his high-pitch to be made go pale every soprano of music stand. We speak about one of the soloists of the famous choir Gospel pour 100 voix ! From part his talent, he was able to create numerous collaborations with artists of great renown : Angguun, Mika, Eddy Mitchell, Garou, Louane, Seal and many others.

Huguette-Maria QUINTREAU



Huguette-Maria Quintreau invests into numerous poetic actions sees in the poetry a tool to understand better the world. She works in link and synergy with other arts. Several collections of poetry were realized under her direction within the writing workshop which she moderates and her poetic company allowed Celles-sur-Belle to obtain the national city label in Poetry. H-M Quintreau published "Brief poetics of train subway and station" (2011). She also publishes poems in the Saraswati magazine.


And breathtaking guests (2019) :

Philippe Chevallier

Comedian & actor


Né Born on January 11th, 1956 to Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), Philippe Chevallier is a humoriste and a famous actor. It is know in particular for its funny duo Chevallier and Laspalès, at the side of Régis Laspalès. 



Thierry Escaich

Organist & composer


Composer, organist and improviser, Thierry Escaich (been born in 1965) is a unique figure of the contemporary musical scene and one of the major representatives of the new generation French Composers.


Kévin Jubert



Kévin Jubert begins the piano at the age of 5 with a classic training. He turns then to jazz from 1994. Arrived in 2003 in France, he knew how to take advantage of his training and his musical influences by accompanying vocal ensemble like Gospel Voices, New Gospel Family or Gospel pour 100 voix. 



Jean Carpenter



Born to sing, Jean Carpenter grew up in a universe of music and singing. As many, she learned about gospel in her local church in New-York. She is regularly requested to participate in the show of Linda Lee Hopkins, Boney Fields or Gospel pour 100 Voix.

Big band de l'armée de l'air

Directed by Stan Lafferière


Created in 2005, Big Ba,d de l'armée de l'air is directed by the composer, arranger and pianist Stan Laferrière. Its high level of technicality, versatility of his musicians and his availability, allow him to assure France ambassador's function in the world.

Orchestre de saxophones de l'Académie Ellipsos


The orchestra established by the young people of the Academy Ellipsos will appear on stage as large orchestra of the festival, for our biggest pleasure.


The Ellipsos Academy is intended for all the saxophonists stemming from music schools and from academies having at least 3 years of instrumental practice, minor and major. The quartets of already established saxophones are welcome. According to the needs for the trainings, the Academy reserves the right to accept or to reject any application. A specific e-mail will be sent announcing the restraint or not of applicant(s). 




The Academy will take place in the Royal Abbey of Celles-sur-Belle from 16 till 23rd July 2018. Situated at only half an hour Niort time, this place of exception dating the XVIIth century offers an ideal frame for this event. Lessons, concerts and on-the-spot accommodation.




 Eight experimented professors propose an intensive training around the quartet, around the sonata, around the solo saxophone and around orchestra. During week, the trainees will alternate between lessons of Chamber music, instrumental improvement, Orchestra, and Sonata with Piano. Besides these lessons, Master's degree-class will be proposed to them.  In a concern of opening in several esthetics, the Academy proposes a directory varied around the classical music, around the jazz and the music of the world. The Academy will supply the directory of quartet and orchestra. 




Students will play evening concerts during the Festival Du Souffle. A big concert, for the benefit of the children of the Unicef, will be organized by the students at the end of the Academy.

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Lessons + Accommodations :

  630€ for students less than 21 years.

  830€ for students more than 21 years.



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