From 16 > 23rd July 2017 : city of Celles-sur-Belle (79) honour us to welcome the 10th edition of the Festival du Souffle en Deux-Sèvres and the International Academy of Saxophones Ellipsos within its magnificent royal abbey !



With internationally renowned teachers :

Philippe Geiss


Saxophonist, composer and teacher, unflagging partisan of the link between various musical spheres, he always favored creation of footbridges between the musics...


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Nicolas Prost

Noticed by numerous musical distinctions Nicolas Prost fully qualified teacher to the National Academy of Region of 

Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. Saxophonist of concert, he plays concertos with the Philarmony of Mexico (Mexico City), European Camerata of London, EIC of Montreal, Russian quartet (…) And travels(browses) France for more than 300 representations.

Ayako Noguchi

Pianist of Japanese origin, born in Tokyo. She obtained the Diploma at Kunitachi College of Music and in Paris the Diplôme Supérieur d'Exécution at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris (Cortot). Winner of many international competition, she performs regularly in piano recitals or chamber music concerts in Europa and Asia.
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Quatuor Ellipsos

After more than ten years of existence, Quatuor Ellipsos played on several national stages (Théâtre du Châtelet, Crazy Days of Nantes, Music in Empéri, Debussy festival, etc.) and international (United States, Brazil, China, South Korea, Morocco, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Switzerland(Swiss) (...)


The Ellipsos Academy is intended for all the saxophonists stemming from music schools and from academies having at least 3 years of instrumental practice, minor and major. The quartets of already established saxophones are welcome.

According to the needs for the trainings, the Academy reserves the right to accept or to reject any application.

A name specific e-mail will be sent announcing the restraint or not of applicant(s). 



The Academy will take place in the Royal Abbey of Celles-sur-Belle from 16 till 23rd July 2018.

Situated at only half an hour Niort time, this place of exception dating the XVIIth century offers an ideal frame for this event.

Lessons, concerts and on-the-spot accommodation. 



Eight experimented professors propose an intensive training around the quartet, around the sonata, around the solo saxophone and around orchestra.

During week, the trainees will alternate between lessons of Chamber music, instrumental improvement, Orchestra, and Sonata with Piano.

Besides these lessons, Master's degree-class will be proposed to them. 

In a concern of opening in several esthetics, the Academy proposes a directory varied around the classical music,

around the jazz and the music of the world.

The Academy will supply the directory of quartet and orchestra. 



Students will play evening concerts during the Festival Souffl ' in Deux-Sèvres.

A big concert, for the benefit of the children of the Unicef, will be organized by the students at the end of the Academy.


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Lessons + Accommodation :

  630€ for the students of less than 21 years

  830€ for the students of more than 21 years 


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Samuel Tassin l Administrateur du Quatuor Ellipsos (France)


Adresse postale pour correspondre avec le Quatuor Ellipsos :

Quatuor Ellipsos 

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Par mail : ellipsos@hotmail.fr  


Par Téléphone : +33 (6) 26 49 51 29 


En Allemagne :

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